Monday, June 25, 2018

Up and Down and All Around

25 June 2018

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Hello everybody. This week has had its ups, its downs, and now it has come all around!

We had a couple of really powerful lessons teaching about baptism this week and we are hopeful to see them come to fruition. It's been a busy week, but a good one for missionary work!

On Thursday, I got to be Hermana Houghton for 24 hours with Hermana Oldham and Hermana Rhoton. By the end of the day I could sort of-ish pray in Spanish! We joked that I might get switched to being a Spanish missionary for my last few weeks, but I don't think President Marsh would try to pull that one on me.

Speaking of President Marsh, he called us yesterday after church and told us he would be at our apartment in 3 minutes. We quickly straightened things up and then he came in to deliver the news that Sister Harper's dad had passed away. Sister Harper took it pretty well, but she may or may not be going to his funeral this week (that is yet to be determined), so stay tuned for next week's email. It's made both of us very glad to know the Plan of Salvation that God has laid out for all of us.

So the work is good, but sad things happen, and that is when we have an amazing opportunity to exercise faith and trust in God. I love you all and hope you will take some extra time to appreciate your families this week.

Sister Houghton
9102 Holland Place
Lawrenceville, GA

The tres hermanas during exercise time!

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