Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

 A patriotic goose/duck we met while tracting one day!)
Hi everybody! I have lots of little things to tell you about this week, but nothing too huge. Sister Evans and I have been having all sorts of adventures!

First of all, I am sure you are all wondering whether or not we have survived not having a car for half the week. Well, it has been easier than I expected. Due to some exciting weather patterns this week, we either stayed within walking distance of our apartment (1-2 miles) or got a ride to wherever we needed to go (from members and nonmembers!) We'll see how things go as it gets hotter and more humid, but so far, we have survived!

Our top investigator, Amber, may be moving in the near future, so we may or may not get to keep working with her, but in the meantime, she is visiting family, so we don't get to work with her too much this week anyway. We'll keep checking up on her and seeing how she is doing, don't worry. :)

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to see downtown Woodstock for the first time. It isn't technically in our area, but we got permission to go street contacting with the new Sisters who are in that area. It was pretty neat and reminded me in many ways of the town I grew up in!

President and Sister Bennion went home on Saturday and aren't allowed to visit Georgia for the next 2 years (just enough time for all the missionaries they know to go home). On Wednesday, we'll get to meet President and Sister Marsh to welcome them to the mission! (They arrived on Saturday, but due to the holiday, we have to wait a few days to meet them).

Today, Sister Evans and I had a super-preparation day. You might ask what made it a "super-preparation" day. Well, we are now super-prepared for summer, because we got haircuts! Bring on the heat! (Although I wouldn't mind if it didn't get any hotter this summer).

By the way, all of the missionaries in the USA are really excited for tomorrow, because the 4th of July presents a lot of opportunities to participate in the community! Tomorrow morning our ward is having a pancake breakfast which we have been encouraging members to invite friends to and we will be putting on a lemonade stand during a parade and festival in downtown Woodstock! Hopefully we will be able to meet a lot of neat people!

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and that you are all able to spend some time reflecting on what a blessing it is to live in a land where we are free to choose! I count it a huge blessing to be able to not only practice what I believe, but to have the freedom to share it with others. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Haircut fun! 
Sister Houghton
701 Downsby Lane
Apt. 333
Woodstock, GA

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