Friday, June 2, 2017

A Number Two

From 25 May 2017
 Sister Evans and me outside the Temple

Well. This week. Has been. A busy week. First of all, a week for a missionary is the amount of time between preparation days, so this week has been 10 days long. Secondly, a lot has happened, so, as my family would say, it has been a #2. That is Houghton code for "it has been a busy week!"

I met my new companion, Sister Evans, on Tuesday morning last week. She is an awesome missionary! Heavenly Father obviously had a lot He wanted me to learn, so He put Sister Evans with me to teach me all of it! The big thing I started noticing during our first couple of days together is that Sister Evans is very, very diligent, which is SO important in the mission field. I am very excited for this transfer (at least) that I have to work with her!
the Temple
You may be wondering why my week was so much longer than normal. Let me tell you. Even though it is outside the mission, this morning, my zone got to go to the Georgia Atlanta Temple! The Temple is a beautiful place where we can feel God's love ever so strongly while we do service! For a better explanation, feel free to look at There are a couple good videos about temples on there. :)

 Hermana Solis, me, Hermana Rhoton, and Sister Evans
between interviews yesterday
The big lesson I learned this week is that, as a missionary, my efforts and returns won't always match up/balance out, but that is OK. Heavenly Father expects me to do my best to invite others to learn more about the restored gospel because He wants them to experience the blessings of living it. Therefore, my effort should always be pretty intense. However, the results I may or may not see are gifts from Heavenly Father as He sees my work. Basically, my job is to do my very best at scattering sunshine, and I don't have to worry about what comes of it as long as I am trying. You know why? Because "every little thing, is gonna' be alright!" This is God's work and He'll take care of things! :)

I hope you all are doing well!

Sister Houghton
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 same crew with President and Sister Bennion! :)

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